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Introductory lessons

The first few lessons will give you an idea of how lessons are structured and also gives me a guide to your future guitar development requirements.

I'll also ask you to nominate any songs you'd like to learn and I'll tailor your individualised sessions to take you through the stages of development to get you to playing songs you love to keep it interesting and fun and to help advance your learning faster.

The only thing you need to bring is your guitar and a fun positive attitude which will go a long way to making learning the guitar one you will never ever regret and one step closer to turning your dream into reality!

Cost: $20 per lesson paid in 5 week installments

Progress to playing in groups - 30 minute weekly lessons

I match students into a small group of two to three as learning in groups is paramount to your development as it enables you to not only play but to also listen at the same time. It is also more fun playing with other musicians, as it assists with networking with others of a similar level. Working in groups also helps you stay motivated by working as a team. The majority of musicians (professional and non-professional) mostly play in groups by way of being in a band.

Rest assured that you will be placed in the group with others of a similar age and guitar playing ability and if you advance quicker than the others in the group, the groups can be changed if required.

Cost $20 per lesson.


BIO: Mark Girma

A native Melbournian, I have been playing the music scene in both Melbourne (80’s and 90’s) and Perth (Since 1999) performing in original and cover bands at many of Perth’s major band venues.

I was fortunate to be born into a musical family and started live on stage at age 13. 30 years of playing in bands has taken me to many parts of Australia.

Currently I play guitar for the popular Perth P!NK Tribute band “PINKED” as well as a number of acoustic duo and trio’s performing around Perth and regional WA.

I have held many residency’s over the years and I currently play at Paddy Malone’s in Joondalup every second weekend which started back in December 2013.

I hold an Australian Working With Children card.

My philosophy

My philosophy on teaching the guitar is to build confidence in my students by giving them the appropriate learning material that with a little patience and most importantly practice they will be able to play their favourite songs to family and friends sooner than you think.




Streamside St, Southern River

Perth, Western Australia

Phone: 0410 692 192


Wednesday & Thursday afternoon/evening

Saturday by appointment only


"A fantastic guitar teacher"

Mark is a fantastic guitar teacher, his knowledge and patience’s makes learning the guitar a lot of fun. His lesson plans are tailored to what I want to learn and the music that we work on, covers all the techniques that are necessary to improve my skills.

Mark is always looking for ways to improve my playing and pushing me to become a better guitar player. The improvement in my playing over the last two years is way above where I thought it would be back when I first picked up a guitar.

I always look forward to what my next lesson will bring and look forward to many more lessons in the future.

Stuart Mills

"Playing a song with Mark at The Dome Canning Vale"

My daughter Sarra has been going to Lessons with Mark since November 2016 and was new to learning any musical instrument. Mark has been fantastic, he is encouraging & patient, kind yet firm. She has learnt so much in a short space of time, her lessons are half an hour a week, but they are structured and efficient and she really enjoys them.

The highlight of 2017 was playing a song with Mark at The Dome Canning Vale, such a great experience and really gave her confidence. Would highly recommend Mark as he has a great gift for teaching the guitar.

Cathy Ouni

"The lessons are a lot of fun"

The lessons are a lot of fun and we always learn songs that we suggest whilst also getting to learn different ways to play and form harder chords it’s also great having a second person to play with as it makes it more interesting and helpful when learning things so that we can learn from one another.

I enjoy how there isn’t much theory and it is taught usually when asked about or if needed to progress

Charlie Trueman

"An amazingly patient, lovely and encouraging teacher"

Chloe start with Mark almost a year ago now. At only 6 years old I was a little concerned who would be a good choice to best work with her. Right from the beginning I found Mark to be very professional and helpfully to all my questions.

Mark is an amazingly patient, lovely and encouraging teacher. Chloe took to loving her lessons immediately and looks forwards to each week. I couldn’t recommend Mark more highly!

Melissa Hanson

"Awesome support and training"

In these one and a half years Joshua has really learned a lot from Mark, every class for him is fun and he just waits for this class and does not want to miss any. He is really enjoying the lessons a lot and has developed good interest in guitar with your awesome support and training, thank you.

John Menezes

"Mark is a patient, friendly and gifted teacher"

I have two boys, aged 11 and 13 who have been having lessons with Mark for the last year and a half. Prior to starting their lessons they had absolutely no music or instrument knowledge. Amazingly, after the first couple of lessons we were able to recognise the songs they were learning with Mark. Since then they have gone from strength to strength with Mark’s instruction and guidance and have developed a passion for playing the guitar.

Mark is a patient, friendly and gifted teacher who with his own passion for the guitar has inspired my boys to develop the same enthusiasm.

Mark’s lessons serve to provide the students both with knowledge and skills they need to develop as guitarists, but at the same time hold the student’s interest encouraging them to strive to improve with every lesson.

We are beyond thrilled at our boys’ progress with Mark and we would not hesitate (and have and will continue) to recommend him to anyone looking to learn to play the guitar. Thanks Mark!!

Tammy McIntyre

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